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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Panjang jua.. apa yang panjang?

Oh Chekgu..
I don't know why they laugh? Why? I was about to say.. "panjang jua timeline nya".. but what i said back then was "panjang juaa~".. and then they all laugh.. Cg. Hjh said "Apa yang panjang?".. and i keep silent... but that shity person tiba-tiba menyibuk..
WTF is im talking about now??
well... Science class, like always, using a slide show or something like that... we've learnt from A to Y and about to go to Z.. but someone click something that shouldn't be clicked and everything go to the first slide.. So Cg. Hjh start clicking the next button from there.. and i fell like shit, and terlepas cakap.. i never meant to say that.. really.. but i hate waiting so i unintentionally said it..
and actually it was hilarious for them, but its a weird situation for me... awkwardness!!

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