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Friday, May 16, 2008

Mom's Birthday

-ne kyou wa?
-whoa you tara remember? it's 16 Mei maa...
-ehh....... nanika wasureta kana?... 
-wasure?? kyou wa ne haha no tanjoubi desu!!!!! naze sonna koto ga wasurete??
-chigau yo...
-datara hanashinai
-hm--nanika hanashi ga aru?
-aTH & iKaH
This day was mother birthday and "teachers day" for the same time... i didn't get anything to give to mamma and teacher... as before i always gave something to my mamma... i was too busy doing my rivision  at home... hmm as i remember i never had a time to go out this year... except for the class i dont know what for "meeting?" my sister buy brand new designed birthday cake and some "gift" the biggest gift was my father's... he didn't even wrapped the "gift" - wont tell what it is.. he just put it on the car until the birthday candle was blowed... what i gave? hmmm.. well... its my sister's -that went to KL already- "gift" that left for this day...hehe... only me know what it is... so i gave it because no body know what/where it was.....

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