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Thursday, July 31, 2008

saigo no hi

Yo aloha minna
kyou wa ne July no saigo no hi, 
also some history subject test and guess what happen... who ever get 40↓ got scolded by that AKUMA and i was one of them and only one boy [ ha ha ha i like to see it but why him (the class only have 4 boy though) ] I get 36/50 and she say "wait if you happen to be in 4F next year" no i wont... 
there 3 student that ↓ 30 and they were really have a bad day... then she say she want to see all of our form 1 & 2 notebooks on monday and if we didnt bring or lost it she''ll give something to us.. i wonder what it is... 
and then she say if we get bellow 40 next test she'll make us stand in the tight hot sunny day while holding a board that say "***** ******** ***** ***** ***" thats make us shame of ourself...
and she say again "if you don't have the notebook, make it EXIST"
to whoever have lost it, it must be a pressure thing cause you have to redo it... oh don't mad at me its your fault having its gone... and i still on search the form 1 notebook..... well my form two was with Her and was not complete yet... i wonder when is she going to give us back our notebook that with her, cause it already 1 month..

- aTH

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday School

I have to go to school today... this day is the replacement school day for blablabla September.... we use the Monday schedule and that mean we are going to have the History exam and PE.... PE? i don't wear the uniform..... whats that? whats wrong? whats happen?

She came to me... that girl... she say they were angry of her...-why?- 

Lets the story begin ~ ~  
She told them -girls only- to wear the PE uniform except for me - i wont! even she told me to - But she was not - wearing it... she said it was raining so she change her cloth back - in her car -. The first girl who angry was no.9 . They said she lied to them and they hate liar. All of the girl - who wear the PE uniform - change to their uniform back before the school even started.  I dont see any point that can make someone -like me- angry.... she only told them to wear it... she didnt say she knew what could happen.. or she can change the weather... an it was true, it is raining..... and i dont see any point for them to change their uniform. I told her to appologize but they dont even care whatever she said. Then when the teacher came she - the theacher [Cigu Rohaiza] said "lets go to the school hall." -???- there IS no point changing their uniform back... and they do go to the hall in their school uniform - who would change back?- I say they don't know what friend meant and i just saw the weaknesses of the brightest class in the school....
- what? no Mr.Kitli today - 
*bell ringing*
he said something i dont get.... and she said wierd things to..?? what are they?
and i would like to see how would that girl be the bridesmaid for her sister who got married today...- dont swing the fan to fast she'll...float in the air?- if you read this... you are the only one who was absent today and Ust. say "kakak die yg kawin bukan-nye die"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


-this happen when we were study the AL subject in school- I sat next to her -
- meow~....meow~.....meow~......meow!~.....
- PA?!!
- uah~ [kana marah....]
aTH & Nano 

" my dictionary  
meow = hey/oi
PA?!! = what!! "

Monday, July 21, 2008

Oversleep again....

my head spin to much after finishing my assingment right after the school.. and before was the history exam that make my head spinning fast.... i thought to have some nap before doing something but slept right after i lie down on my bed.... and again i oversleep... i cant believe when i woke up... it was 130 in the morning and i still on my school uniform. i didnt even go to bath and dinner, i change my cloth and BACK TO SLEEP AGAIN???? i was very tired and all i can think is to sleep....


Sunday, July 20, 2008

there is nothing......

i don't have any special event today....

like i always do.....

so what do i do.....

of course surf the web

i don't know what i get

after i do it for the whole day....

there is no fun anymore.... home........

i want to do something.. 

but what?


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still Boring

I attended the "Gotong-Royong Perdana" today... I'm so boring until make me decide to go.. but it just the same, i still boring... to make myself out of the boring-ness I play my mp3 on the speaker and sang a song in my class room.. i don't remember what the song is but i really did...

My friend had a birthday party in the evening i go with my friends with bus..glad we didn't get into the wrong bus...the "guide" [my friend] was unsure about it - after we get onto the bus... i dint know why i go.. but i do... i was shock to know she was his daughter... i don't recognize him on the parents meeting at school... i was felling fool by that...

why i said this? maybe next time I'll tell you..


Thursday, July 3, 2008


doko ni yuuku minna?... atashi wa hitori ni kowaii dayo... kaete yo.... kore wa kirai da.... wakatteru desho.... sabishi wa atashi ni.... dare ni mo sabishi ni naru wa....
tottemo sabishi.....