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Thursday, July 31, 2008

saigo no hi

Yo aloha minna
kyou wa ne July no saigo no hi, 
also some history subject test and guess what happen... who ever get 40↓ got scolded by that AKUMA and i was one of them and only one boy [ ha ha ha i like to see it but why him (the class only have 4 boy though) ] I get 36/50 and she say "wait if you happen to be in 4F next year" no i wont... 
there 3 student that ↓ 30 and they were really have a bad day... then she say she want to see all of our form 1 & 2 notebooks on monday and if we didnt bring or lost it she''ll give something to us.. i wonder what it is... 
and then she say if we get bellow 40 next test she'll make us stand in the tight hot sunny day while holding a board that say "***** ******** ***** ***** ***" thats make us shame of ourself...
and she say again "if you don't have the notebook, make it EXIST"
to whoever have lost it, it must be a pressure thing cause you have to redo it... oh don't mad at me its your fault having its gone... and i still on search the form 1 notebook..... well my form two was with Her and was not complete yet... i wonder when is she going to give us back our notebook that with her, cause it already 1 month..

- aTH

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