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Saturday, August 9, 2008

saturday again!!!!

why? why? why?! should we have this exchange school day???
I'm to lazy to go to school today!!!!! thank god there is no subject that pressuring... wait... what actually i'm learning today???? -language subject ONLY- whattt where the other? like math... i want to learn math!!! noo.... this is soo make me to go ~lazy~ the school is letting us went back home in the afternoon ~UUUUU~ hot / atsui!!!! - i called my father but he take me on 2pm! i have to wait for two hour in the hot day!!! this sweat is smelly!! T - T -i want shower!!!!
[ she is here!] guuuu~ you're late!!! - i go straight to the shower as i step out from the car! hahaha!! i dont know but i'll sweat all the time...... ...... ...... [shower]( i dont sing in shower!)..... ..... ..... - kamu ke mana???ke pantai!!!! -ikah mo ikut!!!! - bah besiap tah! -mana baju ikah? i'm too lazy to do those things!!!! and Nono looks really exiting to go to the beach cause she never been there before
 like i always do ... prepared on the last minutes (not always actually only when i'm lazy or force) zosh~ zosh~ zosh~ get into the car!! what this floater? on my head?? and they laugh? take it away from me!!
eehhhh~ i thought we are going to go right to the beach??? what we are doing here in mom's brother house [uncle] ? hmmmmm??
well theres something funny happen thought
what exacly happen? well first there is a call from my cousin [uncle's daughter] telling that her bike engine wont strt and tell her sister to get her on the road!! then, my sister oferred to go and i'm with her.... what happen? well.... we get her's little bro and little sis on the road but she ~~~ gone ~~~ we do little search on her and the resault is ~ no ~ so we went back to the house! then, on the way back we found her!!! she is using the short cut [trough someone's yard] and then we wave and left her..... [few metre from the house] ehhh why do we left her???? hahahaha we forgot the the engine wont start..... but we say the bike was moving so we though it was starting but ~ there is no sound of the engine ~ / = _ = ~ *frog♪* /
then we go to the beach!!!!!
wah so we made it in time its already 4pm!! i swim right after leaving my flip-lop on the rock.... look i found starfish! Nono hold it in hand she think its not alive! she trow it after i told her it was alive! hahaha
ja ne! mlas ku sudah
- aTH

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