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Thursday, August 7, 2008

they are coming today!!!

ohh my I absent again today from school!! this is all the curse stairs fault! why i always fall??
what whose that??
i was absent today.. and i study at home and as usual i will sleep in the afternoon for hours... then when i woke up... i saw someone that shouldn't be here.... -who? it was my sister family in law... hahaha i was forget they'll coming today... they stay in our house for 4 days only... they from Kuching, Sarawak... they bring they're too... her name is nono... she still in grade 5... and her face was totally same with her brother! idon't understand what they say if they talk in their language.. well i know little bit like me and you... hahaha the language actually quiet same thought...
ok thats all for today...
i hate typing!!!

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