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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Her Tales

She was smart but that not enough for her
She don’t like to be a bright layman
Thought deep in her heart
She does wants to be as happy as her friends
But no she won’t or cant
She saw no benefits of it thought it does
She can’t be as happy as her friends
Because she was scared to be or not happy
She don’t like the thought of left alone
After all she did to be happy, she will be alone again
She hates that thought, she scared of it
It was hurt to have that thought of walking alone
With no one beside her, even she is success
Its hurt and angst, not happy or success
It was failure; she fails to even be herself
To trust herself
To believe herself
And she fails her own heart
How will or can she pass the others
No she wasn’t, she was a lost
She never had the right path
She choose the path to failure
Who would or want to lead her now?
She waits and waits, thought she knows already
Only she could lead herself in this labyrinth
But she couldn’t, she was too scared to face it
It’s hard for her to lead herself alone
She needed the hand that she could trust
She was alone now, thought she had friends
But she couldn’t believe her friends
Because she never felt the acceptance nor they ever tell
She was a fake in front of them
Fake fake and fake, she hates it
How could she ever forgive herself or them?
They couldn’t see her and she can’t blame them
She can’t tell them nor let them see her fear
She sees only darkness, it blinded her, and she can’t see anything
There is darkness so where’s the light gone to?
She couldn’t see her hand anymore
How could she lead it back to the light?
She waits and still waiting
Because she couldn’t do it anymore
She waits the light, no it’s not there nor here
Even she had a victorious life, could she be happy?
And I am still waiting.


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