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Monday, March 30, 2009


surprise!!!! -thats good for today's post title... well, today was Monday.. and i hate dislike Monday!... i dont hate dislike  the day.. but i hate dislike what im going to do.. and yes it school. my school life was suck... thats why i tell my mamma that im lazy to go to school today... -no answer-... and then i get to iron my uniform -cuz im suck to do it before i sleep!!- after i do that stuff -that i hate dislike- my stomach was super aching like someone just set a fire in my stomach... so i get back to my bed -without saying anything to my mamma/anyone!!-.. my chemist teacher -mad- face was flash in my head while im struggling to death on that time... then i remember... theres no chemist today..... hahaha...... i get to sleep after that stupid thought.... and no school today!..
well there is something that bother me now... the class should get their new schedule already today and theres no message or call from my friend.. and my 2nd topics history note was still empty... oh no im going to die..... wish me a good luck please....

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