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Thursday, April 2, 2009

0[zero] truck slow speech

mood: frustrated

i had a stomached again today!! so sorry i cant get to school... and this counted as my fifth or fourth 0 in the attendant report... nooo i dont want any warning letter.... or demerit!!!! my merit have been -5 cuz im late to school!!! bad! that was baddd!!!
well i dont hear my phone ringing yet... hey what kind of friends i got here??? dont you love me???? those devilish friend... hmp! how could youuu!!....please call me i need to know what happen there.. in that jail school. well...give my greet to the teachers!!!

and now.. theres a big  -i dont know what its name- truck in my house backyard... i mean near to my house backyard that is full with trees... and that truck is destroying the trees!!.... what!! how could you destroy those trees... they were beautiful!! and where will the birds and squirrel live?? where the squirrel will jump on? and the birds nest?? whose your boss?

this is bad... why do i have to live with this super badbad slow connection! and its disconnecting itself!!! this is making my life harder!! i cant even open more than 1 site >o< and i have to wait 10 minutes to open a site!!! X o X

i have to make a speech and i dont know a thing to get it ready.... im thinking about music or art... i donno how it would went.... i only have 5 -or so- day before the speech maybe i'll prepare last minutes...

and now i have to think the post title ~.~. hmmmm.....

good day

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