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Friday, May 1, 2009

its END!

i had no patient in waiting my sis friend to reformat this notebook.. so in the third day i ask... well.. i am frustrated, so i do it myself and its easy.... my father buy this notebook last year in an auction. The system was all in window. as for me, whenever i buy something, i've always read the guide.. and then i know this notebook wasnt in the real system.. soo it gets crush [ that is after 3 month] and have viruses that infecting my cellphone and camera! and after several month no one can turn on the notebook... my fourth sis borrow her friends dvd drive since we do not have any, and my third will try to find friend that want to reformat this notebook, and its bad for me cuz i really dont have any patient to wait so i do it myself. i had never reformat any computer except for my cellphone memory card after it was infected by this notebook. and now im happy to use this family notebook, and its in Linpus Linux Lite. but one thing did frustrated me, this area only have one WLAN that i can use, and sometimes i cant access the web.

Good Day Spidey!!

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