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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Day!

no good! my body moving all the times, and i didn’t memorize my speech well! i actually did memorize it but everything just disappear when i stand -alone- in front of them. Oh no!!!, there’s so many eyes looking at me!!! But that when i started… and then after a few second they back to their own job… arrghh!! They were so noisy and then there is one guy that distracts me…he was singing -with his purpose to distracting me- and he sits in front of me after my friend Ai. How could i never distract by that??? I don’t know how many mark i get yet, hope it will turn out okay. Most of the student didn’t memorize their speech, they actually read their speech, well Ai didn’t she memorize it well, and its about tuition… she said in her speech that tuition didn’t really important – o_o…………… @0@!!!! She said she take it from a book. Vee talks about pollutions if im not wrong… Effy and Rizam both talk about “joy and pains being teenager”, they copy it from the school magazine!! And Shung Tian the Chinese guy talk about music while Jun Vui about the SUN!!! –rotf- i don’t remember what Izz and the other talk about…. Well i better done my chemistry before tomorrow… wishes me good luck!

Good day!

Image [owned by me = taken at the Mosque Road, F.T. Labuan = april ]

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