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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Can you hear me

i've just realize im not as quite girl as i before.... this year i feel little comfortable and more confident to speak out to people.. but still, i dont know why im still felling lost, lonely and my heart breaking day by day, the scar was cut off again... it never healed by anything or anyone.. their understanding was fading, never even tried to understand me and my feelings.. yes they were my friends, even my dearest friend never understand me..  make me wonder, why in the earth they befriend me? i wish i could speak out my feelings, but i cant. I've never have anyone beside me, listening to my problems, understand my feelings. No. It's hurt. I tried to be alone, just alone, and it's still hurt me.. no one knows... why is that. because no one tried to understand, they just want to be understand.. just them. I maybe dont know them well thats why im like this, thats what i thought. But how could i even know them if they dont let me? they dont even listening to me. My words was like nothing, they cant hear it anymore.

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