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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


or in short form MMD was a choreography tool for a 3D model of  Hatsune Miku in version 1.30 and multi 3D model of Vocaloids and UTAUloids. it was published by VocaloidPromotionVideoProject [VPVP]. i downloaded the english version [that its version 1.30] last year, and thats mean i can only use Miku model...well its still okay... but i still downloaded MMD ver.4.00 and its all in Japanese 0o0....Since im not VOCALOID user so i cant make them sing, so i tried to use MMVoice, and i failed...>.<.... it was in Japanese.. I'm looking for the accessories now neither in .pmd/.x/.vac.. i went to the wiki pages [Japanese] and got something but some file that i want was already deleted... well wish me a good luck...

this is one of my favorites MMD video

Video by jut1205 i like her MMD video

VPVP official website:
VPVP@Wiki :
MikuDan [downloadable tutorial]:
UTAU@Wiki :

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