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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sahabat PPDa PETRONAS Programme

i dont really like to take part in program like this but accepted my friends invitation to join, and i thought it would be fun... to start the story, we, the SMKL participator was late because our school cadets use the bus first, so we have to wait until 7.30 for the bus.

Well we should be arriving at the place, SMSL, at 7.30 for registration, but we were late, so late.. and all of us were assign to different group. right after we step our foot at the school... My name wasnt in the list, but i have some luck that day cuz some participator cant made it and i was assign in group 14...

i was with 2 form two student at first, but they were assign to different group because of lack of member in other group. So, i was alone at last, and that make me sick. No worries, cuz i meet someone friendly at the time, but didnt ask her name, she was from SMKPBedaun.

We have ice breaking in group after we move in to the hall. Every group have one facilitator, and our group  is  Dzul....nie, well, i cant remember his full name, and he was helping, but since he is the facilitator leader, so he slightly, abandon us sometimes. He star the ice breaking followed by me, and the a boy in form 2, named Faiz, next is, Mira, and then Aishah, then Mar, Bia, Zul, Qila, Zati, Alex, and Theressa. Thats all i can remember, our group have 14 participator if im not wrong.

After that, we have some "speech" from SMKMutiara's counselor, it was fun though. and then we get to  our breakfast!!!! we eat in the dining hall. it was big, and every table was named for student who have some kind of "rank?". Two of my friend was transfered to this school, they were demerit for misspend electric?? My god why would the student stay in this cage-like-hostel school... i would never enslave myself to this kind of school...  NO.

okay now... then we have our LDK / work in group. and it was to act... thankfully it just in front of my group... it goes like this... the first person will have to memorize 8 text given to her, and then she will act in front of us with mouth shut, miming!.. After that, each of us will do the same thing as her... thats mean we have to memorize it as well... and its about fish....
1.lacerate fish?
2.feeding baby out a cat
4.cook the fish
??? ops i forgot this one
5.talking with cellphone while cooking
6.serve the fish
7.listening to radio

and then we have another activity, this time whole participator will watch it... it was BLOWING....... CHICKEN FEATHER.... meniup bulu ayam!!! the longest feather on air is the winner... every group only sent out 5 members.. it was fun.. i never play it...

so much for that... there is more actually but im tired now.. so

Good Day....

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