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Thursday, July 9, 2009

i go dancing....

i think my favorite subject is history... OoO.... i start to like it since form 2. Maybe it is because its only a fact... yes... i only need to remember the fact to get A1.. buts thats the problem.. i cant make myself remember... another is... learning history and the history teacher are fun... cuz when we dont want to study or dont do the notes or get zero in exam or anything that can get them mad...  we will get the prize... ehh out topik la pulak

its start when i knew this vocaliods.. or should i say when im doing mmd... tee hee hee... im dancing!! i cant dance and i never dance before because of that i cant make a single step with my mmd... and i think its fun!!.... cause of lack of activities and i get sweat whenever im dancing, i think i want to do dance cover -because pressure-

i donno..... its become my habit to do something that can make me busy whenever my exam coming... and its true... i play online game when im 12, thats is when im taking UPSR... im active i many many forum when facing PMR too often i dont even touch my books... and i dont know what im going to happen when i take SPM...

maybe it just pressure

good day!!


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