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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

its new month... new layout...

warung kopi no. 1 aq.. the name will be change as the previous layout change to this... i get boring easily... now is 19:23 i have sudden project from my history teacher that will be need to present it tomorrow... but.... guess what... i still didnt finish it yet... tee hee hee!!..... heyy that could be my new description... ^^

Best Friend of 3A08-the picture doesn't related to the story-
i get frustrated with this guy who is soo total jerk, annoying and bugging my life!! i dont know if he even realize i hate him soo much that i could kill him... i dont even want to see his face! i will stay 50 meter away from him... yes i wish i could!!... oh god why am i stuck in this world with guy like this???

im going to do my presentation now~~~

good day!!

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