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Saturday, August 1, 2009

negative 50

due to my 'write anything habits' which is nonsense.. cuz every time i write it will be less than 50 words, i decide to start posting in my Yahoo profile.. so i decide to called it negative 50... haha! how do you like that title?.. although i don't seem to know how this yahoo profile page works, but im working on it...

i cant find the rss feed for the blog, or know if there any.. so for now the updates weren't inform in the "i read" list... and look there is a new table.. yes the my blog list... it'll direct you to ath melancholy[karyaku?] and negative 50.

ath melancholy is where i become me... seriously.. i am not 100% me in this aku ath nar universe... so true... but all of the said story, is not a fiction... i am living realistic... i wish i could... free myself from the fantasy i know...before....

so thats it for today

good day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. woooooiiiiiiiii...
    buka email athime@yahoo mu..
    aku ad invite ko tuee..