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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To: Tukar 'favicon' Blog anda

Have you wondered how these little icons appear next to the web addresses, like the one you see above? When you visit the sites or bookmark them, these icons will make these URLs stand out. These are “Favicons” or “Favorite Icons”.

1.    Create  and save your icon as png or ico(which harder to upload). But remember the icon limit is 36x36.
2.    Upload the icon and copy the direct link.. If you're using blogger, you can upload it directly

Click on 'Insert Image'

browse the favicon you've created

click the image and this will pop out... click on 'Edit Link'
or right click the image 'copy link location'

copy the URL

3.    Go to 'Edit HTML' under the 'Layout' tab
in blogger

in blogger in draft; i use this :)

4.    Insert the code <link href='URL of your icon file' rel='shortcut icon'  type='image/'/> below <title><data:blog.pagetitle/></title>

insert the code below this one
should be like this

paste the URL here

6.    Save your template and clear your private data then refresh your blog
preview first. If you satisfy with your favicon, then save it.. :)

    aku dah tukar tuk blog aku BLUES untuk AKU ...

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