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Thursday, January 21, 2010

sempadan yang memisahkan

cerita disebalik tajuk sebenarnya datang dari pemerhatian aku tentang pandangan rakan-rakan aku tentang rakan-rakan aku.. [?] kan tunggang tebalik..

okay lah.. aku start becerita. Hari ni budak-budak form 5 terpaksa participate dalam sukan tara @ sekolah aku(kami). Hanya 2 acara saja yang kami ikut: lompat jauh & lontar peluru. tapi kali ni aku tak akan cerita tentang sukan tara, but apa yang aku ter'rasa' semasa sukan tara nie berlangsung.

one of my friend, A , whose termasuk dalam golongan 'pandai' said something about my friend, B , whose in the 'kurang pandai' group, which make me feel awful. She might be reading this but i don't care. I'm a blogger, so any opinion is count in.

So when A said those thing, that clearly show that she didn't like B, its make me think hard. then i realize, that what A said was actually what B would said about her(A) too. Yup. I think that both A & B would be a good 'friend' if they ever want to get to know each other.

I said that because, every little things that both A & B do, is just for fun and for their friend. And both A & B will translate those things as bad or 'minta puji' or so, and this is because they never really befriend. They never know what A & B capable of.

is it because, "i am smart and you don't" that make A & B is  'forbid' to befriend. I don't think so, because i befriend both A & B. And its surely make me feel uncomfortable when A is bad talk about B in front of me. And what A said was actually what people would said about herself.

I know. I'm their friend. it was slap on the face.

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