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Friday, March 5, 2010

minggu berantam

aku berantam sma siapa??

sama paper la!! siapa lagi!!!




march test paper laahh...

image not mine*
paling best dlm minggu ni is.. aku x akan dgr my teacher bising2 masa mengajar aku.... they would just sit and do their job and i do mine.. well.. mine is suck though.. facing the paper make my head spin like 270 degree roller coaster.. iya lahh.. apa nda.. tawu la aku nii.. org yg susah tuk study hard & study smart.. i just read the text and then nothing happen.. its not that i dont want to study, its just not the way i want to study... yess.. reading the text only is not what i call study...

jadi.. i think la kan.. i will only pass my P.I paper. well my BM memang sdh pass pun.. english should also pass.. but not addmath and physics.. my chemistry might be fail too.. est.. too many confusing text.. so i dont know what my result will be.. ED.. well.. never sure with answer... what else.. ohys.. math!.. objective maybe give me some marks.. but the subjective question.. maybe will just give me talur... sivik and pjk.. no one knows... oh iyaa.. SEJARAH!... lupa la pulak.. like ED.. never sure with answer.. banyak sudah yg aku salh...

okey laa.. sampai sini saja entri ari ni.. tuk minggu depan.. Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara!

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