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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to: Recover deleted webpages

This is 4 simple ways of getting back your unintentionally deleted web pages from internet.

The first one is using the major search engines(Google, Yahoo and Window Live Search) that keeps caches (copies) of each page in their index. Since, the copies will not be forever there, you must act fast. If you're using Google, use this search syntax;
This will result all the pages indexed by Google.
Bellow the result, there's a link to cached version of your deleted web pages. Click the cached link and copy the content you want. This is time consuming way to recover your web pages.

The second trick is using Warrick. This application will recover your lost website automatically. It is easier way rather than copy pasting manually your pages. Complete the form and let Warrick do the job.

The third method is indeed very easy for lost blog. If you're publishing your blog as RSS feed, you can go back to feedBurner and look up for the feed!

Last one is using google reader. I don't know if this will work out, but i realize that google reader keeps the entries that deleted.. and if you're subscribing a blog using google reader, the blog will stay in the subscription list even it were already deleted. Using google reader, simply 'subscribe' to your rss feed and tada! Hope the entries still there..

There is other ways to recover the deleted websites, which is using firefox caches, but, i never try it before and i don't understand it. Opps...

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