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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

how much is my expectation

exam! Trial Exam!
nampaknya diri masih belum taubat. Sedar, yes sedar. Lupa, not really. Always remember, but don't want to.

If my life is not for reading text book then what?! games? facebook? no, not really. I would never be If I even wanted to. Its all about the mind.. at least that what I thought. If I think it was a waste of time that left me unhappy I would quit it.

I don't think that its my nature to read text book. I hate text book. Their language are not enjoyable to be read. Why makes it complex like that. It grows more disgust than curiosity about the element we read. Why should we have to read long texts but then get nothing because it was too long? don't answer that.

so how much is my expectation for this trial examination?
for sure, i don't expect anything. Sorry.

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