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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

that stall

Just got back from siscon. It haven't change a bit.. Just the middle stall is now open.. the owner was some party-all-night guys.. and they will have their gang to hangout their until midnight. well thats will make the night more lively i guess...

and now it getting more like the Old Days.. my sister make one of her's former employee to work with her again.. Ha! and you have no other option, boy! his name is Wan.. and the other former employee that have already work there since last year is Senget.. remember him? he's been through a hard time in Chinese restaurant before.. well, thanks to that restaurant he able to make a life now. we, now call him Adam.. don't know how it got there.. and his name wasn't even near to 'Adam'...

today i put my roller on.. and it slippery there.. Very slippery. I cant even stay still.. i don't fall yet.. Man did.. he don't skate, but he can balance his body and thats already a great job.. Oh and Man is Wan's brother. He's been there too in the Old Days working with Mawi.. and now still working with Mawi... and this make me miss Rudy and the rest Old Days team.. Haha!

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