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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blackshot 1vs1 'Montage'

making this is pretty fun... but... killed inside the game continuously is freaking sIck.. I happen to have this recorded with fraps. its always fail whenever i tried to record it, LAGness.

Okay, that elite is Colonel_Ghost .. my friend, with a captain rank. and the bitch noob is me...... ok ok.. click here.. we've been playing one on one for 2 night straight. haha... it cool to have some friends to be headshot'd...

O gosh... headshot'd... The Guild influence ha... that web series is freaking awesome. And more, I've been watching many Malaysian vlogs on youtube. and now i'm trying to build up some courage to do some.. :hell, that wont happen, its been like 4 years you've been 'thinking' about it, and you don't even have 1 official video log with your face in it,. face it that you wont do it: -.- seriously, i feel like making 1. my friend did four, why cant i make just 1?

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