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Friday, March 11, 2011

Blackshot Garena March of Madness Patch gone REAL MAD

I've been lurking all over the forum and read many technical issues. All happen after the last server maintenance. And of course, me too, having an issue! thats why I'm hella writing this!!

Lets list.
Player don't really like the new graphic setting.

 Dear Gm (Regarding After Patch-The Picture In Game) Dear GM's..Theres SumThing Wrong With The Picture After Patch..Some Sort Of Like..The Picture Shirinking A Bit..i Alredy Chnge Settings And All But Still the Same..Please Do Sumthing Bout It..TQ.. -RaveZones

Hi RaveZones, indeed the graphics has "shrink". It is because the developers has changed the graphic setting of the game. In the past, the graphics are stretched to fit on 16:9 screens instead of real pixels. Now they have managed to set the game in a way that the pixels are rendered properly on 16:9 screen. -ExperimentalBeX 

what? i dont get it? kekeke.. but all i know is, people playing with widescreen got pissed off.. and some people reporting that the graphics now causing physicals effect see:

Yeah, its seriously causing physical effects. Im getting headaches and eye strains because of the new squeezed look. Also, the characters now move SUPER slow, seriously inhumane, its so irritating. Please do something about this, developers. -synclunatic 

Thats the third issue, characters getting heavy! I don't know, but maybe they eat too much during the server maintenance, and forgot to exercise.

Character Vanessa suddenly so heavy after 10/3/2011 patch
my character Vanessa green. IGN : EliseTiramitsu from MY feel so heavy even though alrdy remove all heavy item or gear such as guardian II(tactic), armor rifle or armor sniper. i also comparing with other player which is vanessa or travis and using same gear and tactic. still im so slow comparing to them. is it bug? -

And the most  irritating thing that ever happened is LAGness.. the game became ++Lag after the patch.

Blackshot Jerky Help I am using windows 7 with nvida geforce 8600 but when i play blackshot and look around its always jerky please help! -jaysontanyuboon

GAME Becomes sluggish when planting bombs. To whom it may ever concern, I just noticed that after the March 10,2011 patch, game runs sluggish when planting bombs. Anyone else experience this? Never experienced this before. -webpoga

after the new patch it is lagging worst -_- hope tmr's compy wont be affected too badly. -icyx92

And The Worst Of ALL

Unhappy Help cannot enter blackshot t.t

Game version Invaild
I am able to start the game but cannot connect to the server page as it say game version is invaild . plz update. solution???

! :mad: my bs say client invalid pls update,update wht thing?!?!?!?
client invalid pls update,update wht thing?!?!?!?

can't start game!! please help me
I type my id and password, i press start game and it say starting game but it keep staying at the login page, it won't start game.

Can anyone tell me what this means??? I cnt play blackshot cuz this thing keeps comeing out? and when i try re-installing blackshot they show me this? -Hahaveryfunnyx3

This suck la!!! how come i cant play? T^T


-- update:11/3/11,4:14

So I've been looking for the solution. Finding ways how to manually download the patch. Or reinstall the client. I've seen something like that before, but i don't remember where I saw it. Then I surf the official website and found it there!! Right in front of my eyes.. How can I missed that??!!

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