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Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to | get likes in

TAKE pictures as many as you can until you runs out the battery
and since you've got 'nothing' to do, taking picture of your face is quiet 'Fun and enjoyable'. And you'll have more cool picture to choose.

EDIT your not so cool photos into "so cool" photos
go to and donwload the software, or go to the famous online photos editor- edit,crop, add some stamps and text and everything they got, until your face is buried under the cool edit.

TAG everyone from your friend list
including people you rarely talk to or/and never talk to. There's a chance that they might think you're "cute". and tagging the opposite sex can increase the percentage of like you can get.

PLEA in facebook chat/pm
you know you're look innocence in your photos, so why don't you sound innocence too? Look whose online and plea to them to 'like' your photos. But if that specific person is offline, just pm them, easy.

actually capture a real cool photos
If its truely cool/good/deserve likes.. people WILL like it.

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