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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CertifyMe I need LUCK and courage.

I've been taking the mock exam like 3 days now... So it's time for the real one... I'll need to wait for several hour for that.. I don't exactly know how I ended up here at first. And I don't actually want to be here right now. But to be honest, Cisco certificate is way very much valuable to be left alone. If somehow i manage to get the certificate, my future Job might be Goo~~~d Job.

I might even have my own Kawasaki Ninja. 

And why the hell I'm updating my blog here and now? I don;t recall to have updating my blog every time there's something new nowadays. Well, today maybe the exceptions day.

Due to tiredness, and sleepiness I lost my mood to even look at another question. So I am now nagging about it here, this blog was my best friend once upon a time. Haha. And it still is. I wont get over it, I promise.