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Friday, June 20, 2014

Awake from Slumber

It's been Two whole year since my last update in this blog. No, I have not yet abandoned this lonely blog. I can't never have the heart to delete this. No no no.

So I guess I might want to start blogging stuff happening throughout my life. Because, well just because. It's going to be another boring life centered blog. You've been warned yeah.

Why haven't I update for this past 2 year you ask?
Well, first of all, I have made many weblog before I even went to study in poli. Then, when I came there, I made a lot more weblog because of something else and insecurity? It's confusing alright. Okay lets just say I wanted to update my blog but, I don't want to post it inside this blog so I made another new blog. Get what I'm saying?

But of course even with those new blog I can't and don't keep my update constant. I can't even tell you the exact reason of why. It's not just blog, I can't do anything that I happily did when I'm back home. For example like gaming? Editing videos and stuff, web design, or making models, WRITING!, I can't even draw a simple head!

I don't know why I can't do it around people. Is it something about trust? And I get this really annoying sickness where I wanted to do something really bad(like drawing), but I can't make myself do it and I ended up on my bed for the whole day, being a zombie, because I wanted to draw and I can't.

I have this blog, a facebook, a youtube channel, LJ, twitter, tumblr, dA, and whatever social website out there that I used to hang a lot including those forums, but I hardly look at them in those 2 year. I am soo feeling lonely because of my inability to express myself like I do now. I guess that's why I become a zombie.

Did I not have friend in poli?
Of course I had them. But I guess I'm not their favorite person.

That's all, hope I'll update again this evening, or tomorrow.

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