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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Logging in To Maxis

I was just happily surfing the web when I'm suddenly redirected to that unwanted page.... yeah. I thought I have like 2GB quota left for peak hour because the cycle just started a few days ago so that actually irritates me a lot..

I just recently subscribed to this plan so the date confuse me. I went to the maxis website to sign up a new account. This was practically my 3rd or 4th account. And then I clicked directly at the Data Usage tab, I just want to make sure that I really did use up my quota.

So what I see is extra surprising.

My bill cycle was actually on 17th! That's like over a week now. But the most surprising thing that make me want to puke blood is this.

What in heaven am I looking right now?
It was unexpected, I don't really really expect this. I don't think I will use up all 5GB in just a single week! It's not that I'm not a heavy surfer, in fact I surf a lot in the off peak hour! Just so that I can lightly surf in the morning too!

So I think it's because I shared my internet with practically everyone in my house. And they don't really care about my lovely quota. I want to cry. I am so cautious when surfing in day time~

BUT that's not why I'm surprise at all. The real reason is the 5GB itself. When I registered my new subscription. I am pretty sure that it wasn't wrote 20GB. I signed for just the 8GB plan! This was shocking me to dizziness.

For 20GB I have to pay RM100 per month. Now, where in the world I get those 100? I'm just a fresh graduates who doesn't even have a job yet! My parents don't even give me pocket money! This is like forcing me to subscribe the freaking plan~

What? It's just a slight mistake? No! This is force! The first bill is invoiced already and I'm going to have to pay that!

Well, before I'm paying the bills, I'm going to complaint and ask them first. ^^

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