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Monday, June 23, 2014

Missing Entry #1

In my 5th semester, we had this 3 days course teaching us about the internet '1Citizen'. We've learned a lot actually, although it is only in general and mostly public knowledge. But the course will provide us this certificate, so I'll just take it.

We had our poly marathon that day so it's actually an excuse to not join the marathon. 

The course thought us about the general policy things around the internet and just about everything. For example not to surf porn website, not to download copyrighted stuff, something about intellectual policy, and things about ethic.

Yeah, its pretty basic stuff and I think everyone knows it, or maybe not.

Because I just know that's a lot of people gets something from the internet and use it without any kinds of credits. Or if you want to see more immoral activities/action on the internet, just log on to facebook. There's a lot of example in there.

It's not just facebook though. They are everywhere.

And the pirate of course. How many human being who had access to the internet have not yet become a pirate? 

So the course had this activity for making a portfolio, that's what they called it. In this portfolio every participant will make something that is related to our course. There's a lot of categories and one must only have 1 entry. It can be individual or a group of 3. The best portfolio of all participant will be awarded. It's like a competition for the whole country.

The categories was actually pretty open, there writing, pictures, music, and video. I thinks there is more but i can't remember because there's just a lot of categories.

I thought I was going to make a video, so I tried. The first video I made was actually better than what I send in, but I think it was a little bit out topic and I'm not really confidence with it. It was midnight when I decide to create a new totally different video. We were given only one night to complete the video, I was hopeless and tired and then I ended up putting just anything inside the video to complete it. 

The video was in black and white!

I put in some background song in the morning before submitting it in. Don't really care about it by that time. If the instructor gave me more time or one more day at the least, it wouldn't be in black and white. >.<

So after we submit our work we had our test and get our cert!

I was attending another course that time, when they called me, telling me I've won third place.

That's quite of a surprise. It's embarrassing! But whatever I've won something for that small effort. ^^ The 1st place was from UPSI, 2nd from UTM and I'm from Poly! It's always nice to bring honor to Poly! There's other Poly students from different category who've won. 

Yeah, never underestimate Poly students!

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