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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Being single really sucked

Another strike. I love bowling! How I wish I can bowl all day without paying, and without having to listen to them.

I turn around and face the chit chattering of my typically loud group of friends. A smile on my face as I take my seat back and suck on a straw. Earlier on, they wanted to know how am I doing and what am I doing these days. They probably wanted to hear big, exciting things so they can gossip about it all day, but I have no such thing to record. And so here I am sitting in the corner, left out of the conversation, again.

I don't mind it. Really, I don't!! Okay, you got me. Maybe I did feel a little bit stung when they brush me off again and again, but it's has been normal occurrence for them to do that to me. I don't think that they even notice it anymore.

"... they've been together like forever."

I know better not to ask them question now. Question like 'Who is that guy anyway?' only make me sound retarded, probably even more retarded than what they already thought about me. So I'm just minding my own Chocolate Shake and pretend to listen to all this nonsense about someone else boyfriend being a douche, waiting for a topic that I can take part with—which is very unlikely—to come up.

IF I have a boyfriend right now. I wouldn't feel so lonely right here in the crowd of my 'friend'. They'll probably left stupefied for the rest of the day. That is something I'd like to see.

The writing experiment continue. Do you like the cover-art? I edit those to! I plan to do that along with the challenges. It's like doing 3 challenge in 1 go!

Day 2. Describe a moment or a day when being single really sucked.

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