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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Being single was really awesome!

I woke up lazily to the blazing heat of the sun. I stretched and yawn to get the oxygen in my blood and brain running. I fuss with my tablet to see if I had any good morning messages from one of my friend, no such luck. I get all kinds of updates from social media instead! I run through them to see and read something more interesting.

My friend invited me to hang out with them today, I have no problem to say 'yes'. You see, my friends—that usually invited me around—are boys. Someone might think it odd or inappropriate, but they are a good friends of mine. Besides, non of my old-female-classmates ever invited me that often.

Because I woke up so late today, I just drank a cup of coffee for my breakfast! No one fuss me around or force feed me. Oh! You might think it's a sad sad way to start the day, but not for me! I like being my own person thank you very much.

So there I went, strolling between the shops. I often get the feel of being watched. I sometime catch them—guys—on it too, I don't really mind. But you see, I can be such a flirt(always been)! Even if nothing about that someone intrigue me—etc.— I have no shame to flirt with them. Well, no one gonna stop me anyway!

looking forward to Aidilfitri! My head is swimming I can't concentrate on the story telling!!

Day 3. Describe a moment or a day when being single was really awesome.

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