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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

God Eater [anime]

I've been waiting for the anime adaptation since I saw the 'God Eater Prologue' the OAV. I don't play the game so I wouldn't really know much about it. But the OAV is enough to catch my attention! So much action! So much chaos!!

I knew there will be a full series but I don't know why I thought that it will a different storyline. Obviously I was wrong!! Was there even a different storyline/version of God Eater in the game?

I was browsing Nakai Kazuya's page in myanimelist(mal) today when I saw it; God Eater!!

At first I thought it was the game page, but I was uncertain and definitely curious. So I clicked it! I was surprised! Surprise to see that it was actually a full series anime! I was surprise that there will be Soma!(even though I click from his VA page, I'm still surprise to see him) And I was surprise to see that it was produced by ufotable!(but that is expected since the Prologue was by them too.)

this is Soma
I guess, I'm expecting alot of mayhem in this series. Since I don't really know anything about the storyline. Except that Soma is the son of some high ranking people and he's quite and brilliant! (okay I admit that this is nothing about the storyline at all)

le plot: In the year 2071, the Far East is ruled by angry gods. 20 years ago unknown life forms called “Oracle cells” begin their uncontrolled consumption of all life on Earth. Humanity both fears them and reveres them as "aragami." They are immune to all weapons and the mankind's numbers continue to dwindle. The last bastion of hope is the newly developed "God Arcs" weapons that utilize Oracle cells to fight back. The weapons wielders band together into an elite force dubbed "God Eaters." -animenewsnetwork

So basically;
  1. the Oracle cell is eating the Earth. 
  2. People are scared of them and deeply respect this Aragami monster [?]
  3. Aragami can't be kill by normal weaponry.
  4. Human are declining in numbers.
  5. God Arcs is made using the Oracle cell which able to kill the Aragami
  6. God Eaters handle these God Arcs weapons.
meh! it was a fine background, but I wanna know about this Soma guy.... I don't understand how I can take so much interest in a character I haven't even know yet. We'll wait the first episode in a few days and see...


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