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Sunday, July 12, 2015

men in skirts are sexy

I have the hot for men wearing skirt. uhh? No! not that kind of skirt mind you!

Although men did not—didn't want to—admit that they Do Wear Skirt, they keep insisting it wasn't a skirt!

My people wears sarong(kain pelikat), both men and women. Although I am not one of the youth who frequently wears them, but I still do own it—just like every other youth in the country.

Here, men—from children to elderly—wears sarong and sampin(samping) to the prayers, official ceremony, festivity such as Aidilfitri, and definitely on their own wedding day(for the Malay)!

Sarong is a long skirt, wrapped or tied around the waist. Commonly, it has plaid or checkered pattern—women usually wear batik dyed sarong. It can be wear for whatever daily routine, though only elderly seem confident in wearing them nowadays. I don't think I ever saw men nor women wearing sarong in a convenience store lately. 

Sampin is a knee-level sarong wore by men over their pants or/and shirt. History says that sampin serve to indicate a man ranks in the society; only royalties may wear the sampin over their shirt. But of course now everyone can choose however they wear the sarong. I prefer; over the shirt.

How I came to realize that men all over the world wears skirt? Don't you wonder?

There's a time when me and my family is watching a spartan sort of movie(or at least there was me watching the movie, I'm not sure about the other). And the soldiers were fighting, swinging their swords around and then there's their battle skirt twirling and twirling and their thigh and calf are popping with muscle. I wonder out loud; "Why are they wearing skirt?" I think I heard my father snort. And then I realize something that change how I look at our clothing forever! and I said. "Hey, you're wearing a skirt too!" My father decide to ignore me of course... mumbling about its different or something.

That was a very long time ago, it's surprising that I even remember about it. Well, after the revelation I don't really think much of it. I just always aware that I sometime wonder thing like why are these men not wearing a sampin, why are they wearing it like that, that it's not cool, this mannequin sucks! etc. etc. I figure out sometimes ago that I like seeing men wearing baju Melayu properly with sampin. 

Of course there's the day that I figure out the word 'kilt'. What's that? Kilt is skirt, but it's called kilt when men goes commando under it! I somehow compared the Scottish tartan kilt with the plaid sarong. It almost looks the same, almost! Especially the long kilts. And I found out about the Utilikilts Co.; they make HOT modern kilts. Now I know men(and not just Scottish) wears men-skirt everywhere! It's sexy and hot! Every guy in the world must wear them.

On another thoughts; it's been years that the Pelikat Pants out on sale, it was great but it lost all it suppose HOTNESSSS! I personally don't like it—I didn't say I hate it though. I'm ardent supporter for men in real sarong! I don't understand why one want to change a skirt into a pants and claim it to be the skirt '2.0'... I think someone ought to make the real kain pelikat 2.0, modernize it somehow! I'd like to see that one day. I just hope it keeps the hotness level! 

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