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Thursday, July 23, 2015

misconceptions about single

"Stop being picky and date someone already!"

I don't understand why it seems so wrong that I'm single. They thought I was picky, high maintenance even. I say, why not? Why can't I pick the right man to watch over the high maintenance. But that is not the case. I'm not that picky, there's not much to do to impress me. I'll even say that, pretty much everyone impress me at some point in their life—and annoy me to no end at most. 

Why would a single person date a random person just to change their status to a 'not-single' if they have no desire to do so? Some single women may be trying to wait for that special someone to come in their life, but some just don't have the reason to have a partner in their current point of life. So, it's not about being picky or that she hates his hair. It just that she don't want a partner, just yet.

"I know this boy, you should date him."

No stop it, I don't want your help. I wonder if I look so in dire need for a date that a friend decide that they should arrange a date for me. I don't think so. I've been living merrily through all this time, and me being single always makes someone frowning and weirded out. As if something is wrong with being single. 

Singles aren't desperately waiting for arranged date, neither they look for some spontaneous dates. There are reason why singles stay single in their life. People shouldn't make a person feels bad for being single. The singles might felt like such a huge disappointment at some point in those preaches boundary, when actually it isn't that big of deal. 

"Don't you like me?" -boy

Me: Excuse me? 
Me: Oh! Of course I do, I love you. You're my friend!! 
Me: Oh, hey! Where are you going? 
-3 months later-
Me: Why are you ignoring me?

The biggest misconception people have about single life! 

"You must be lonely."

I spent my earliest 9 months of my tiny little life in my mother's womb, alone with no one else, but never really lonely. We'll partner up when the time comes. If I'm indeed lonely why would I bother torturing myself for being single because I can't handle the nonexistence of a lover's affection. I would just tell my mother that I want a husband, then she would hopefully help me get one.

Being single is not equal to lonely. Being single is equal to less commitment. Being single means more time to your own self. Being in relationship means committing most of it for your partner. Both can be lonesome at some point. So being single is never the cause of being lonely. There not much time for being lonely if one is having a great ride of their life, no? Singles ≠ Lonely

I skip my narrative for today challenge. :p 

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