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Thursday, July 2, 2015

tv drama


Our household used to subscribe a satellite pay tv network(astro), but it have been more than 3 years since we last activate the subscription. We windup sticking to the free-to-air satellite channels -which is not much- with a total of 3 to 5 channel depending on the whether and time.

So I've not much options of selection for my free time entertainment. It is either TV1 or TV2 most of the time, often I choose neither as I rather read a fictional books or documentaries. These two are the national gov tv channel(rtm).

Although I stay clear from watching television, I could not actually bypass the constant noise from the living/dining room. Also, my parents like to watch all the ridiculous shows for their amusement.

Since rtm is a gov. owned channels I assume that it have a decent support from the ministry. The fact that it is the first public broadcaster in Malaysia make it seem rather a large company. Supposedly they have contracted a variety of artist in all time, I still don't have it in me to like it enough.

Most of the shows are crap. I apologize if I sound so rude. I tolerate the televisions and radio channel simply because it's free and it's availability, but most of the time the local shows make me gag and grimace in agony.

There was a time when I was just siting around in the living room-albeit far away from the tv- when suddenly I heard a familiar soundtrack playing in the background of some drama. Now it would be fine if they reuse it from their own shows, but it clearly weren't and a total rip-off from a kid show. My little respect to the broadcaster grew poor that day.

It is ridiculous, unprofessional, and so humiliating, I was very upset and I question their credibility intensely. And to think that now the ministry that owned the broadcast started the internet censorship.

I know for a fact that rtm had it own orchestra, so it's no excuse to not make their own original soundtrack, really. They also had a bunch of contract with singers and bands and I keep wondering why they didn't make use of it considerably. They keep recycling old music and sometimes unrelated songs, which appall me greatly.

The quality of the tv drama they show are vary greatly. It's like there's no standard check up when they started showing the films. As if they only need a copy of the show on tape and then directly put it on the list. I always flip whenever I see absurd and ludicrous acting-that I keep seeing all the time- and gleeful when they do make some exceptional performance. I wonder when they'll start reforming their nonexistent systems.

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