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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Unicode character

I have so many [][](boxed) and  ??(unrecognized) character. But what I have now on my system is pretty much interesting... Like the menu in this blog itself is using the Unicode character. So if you only seeing nothing there or a question marks, then I'm very sorry to cause you confusion! There's the same link in the sidebar if this happen to you.

this is how my menu suppose to look like;

I like to browse the Unicode characters 'Symbol' & 'Other' list here on The characters amuse me. There's even animals and food! Cosmetic and stuff!

So if you want to use this Unicode characters in your web/blog. Just copy and paste it anywhere you want. But some might end up unrecognized anyway. So you can do it like this;
  1. Open the character's info page in the site.  eg: here
  2. Copy the HTML entity; either decimal/hex.  eg: 🎧
  3. Paste it as plain character.  eg: 🎧
    • *On blogger blog post/html widget, you might want to paste it while in HTML editor.

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