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Monday, July 13, 2015

whats race?

I have no problem stating my race as Malay, since it is what are stamped on my Id Card. But if looked closely on my heredity and all that genetic, the answer wont really be that simple. That's why I rather express myself proudly as a Malaysian.

I think people rely on race just for some sense of belonging. A race is a group of people that speak the same language, cook the same food, wear the same kind of clothing, they even share some physical similarity. These things makes one feels simply free and easy when they stay within their race. They wont feel like an alien.

Racism don't exist in a race. I don't think so. Racism only exist in a person. Just because they can't define themselves and their standing in the presence of another person with different traits. A person can be really afraid of another. It is as if they've meet an alien. Everything is different from what they use to have within their race, causing mild confusion and insecurity. They don't understand the other person so they start speculating things from what they saw and listen to. They ended up feeling doubtful, suspicious and then distrusting the alien.

It's paranoia. Disputes occurred when they didn't know each other that very well.

If I sound ignorant to you, I have no excuse for that. Maybe it's better to ignore an ugly gore-ish painting than gives the artist stank eye, or just don't even bother going to the exhibition.

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