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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Do not share your email publicly

Reminder to everyone out there: Do not share your email publicly. By publicly means in your website, blog, comment sections, forums, public profiles or anywhere else that considered public.

Ever wonder why is your Spam box always full? Well, this is one of the reason. Spam bot is lurking everywhere harvesting for emails on public spot, that is the www. Once it found your email displayed without any protection, it dance like crazy!

If you Do want to share your email, consider to encode your email for a little protection. This will reduce your chances of getting spams. One of the encoder I used is this: :It's a script that enable you to display your email somewhat safely.

Another way is to use temporary email web apps. 
Like this one: :this is a public inbox, do not use for private conversation
 Or this one: :redirect emails to your real inbox

If you don't like any of the options, you can get creative with the email address. For example writing it like this: 
Or like this
 etcetera. I'm not really creative. *sigh

End of reminder. Good day.

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