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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

dream house

When my sister came back home here last Raya. She make another house plan on her tablet. I make the replica in google sketchup. I forgot to mention about what I've been dreaming to do to a house. 
  1. A watermill
  2. Solar system  
  3. Hot water tanks
  4. Ventilation system
Since the land area supposedly have a stream. I want to have a watermill!! They're very pretty! I'm positive that my father will approve a pond to go with that.

I've been looking for a solar panel. I've always wonder how all the latest residential park have those panel on their roof. It's a great way for energy conservation. Our current house usually go with 300KW a month. That is a lot.

We never had a hot shower in this house. Actually, we didn't even have a shower anymore. We've long abandon the faucet, due to certain error in the plumbing. 

It's hot in here! Even hotter when you went upstairs, where my room is. I've always tried to find a way for cooling down the whole room. Like putting the fan the other way around in front of the open window. Or block the sunlight with the darkest sheet in the house!

I've long realize that the current house we live in, didn't really have a good planning. It's a very old house-it is my grandmother's-and it have been expanded for multiple of times now. It kept getting bigger but the plan still suck. I don't know, I think my father didn't get any counsel when he make these expansions.

The last renovation was on the upper rooftop, that have NOT been completed yet. The wiring is.. there's no wiring at all! I spent days waking up in the dark. I suspect that the contractor has long abandon it too! Well, it is a government sponsored project and no contractor are trustworthy nowadays. The zinc quality is very poor, I think I can hear every drop of the rain in the night. They can't even fix a door properly. Who wants a door with no lock??

I don't know when my father decide to make a house, I just hope he had the plan nice and good. But I had a feeling that it wouldn't be anytime soon. Let's just make it my dream house. And I want a windmill too!

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