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Monday, August 3, 2015

GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri [anime]

re-blog from tumblook

Another anime that I found under Suwabe Junichi's profile. Junichi-san is voicing the leading character—Itami— for this anime. Thus, making it the second lead role for Junichi-san in this season, after voicing Worick in Gangsta.. Of course, Junichi-san is also voicing other supporting roles for various anime.

I thought something was wrong with the anime while watching the first episode. Though, I gave it a try even so. Obviously, I was mistaken after watching the next few episodes after. It might have something to do with the environment with the first episode that makes me a bit...disheartened. But give the next few minutes a try and it was all worth it!

It was another boring anime for the first 3min in the first episode, but everything went mad after that and everyone was screaming and dying. Comes in the Hero and then suddenly it ends. What a cliffhanger! I'm warning you, every episode end with an annoying, frustrating cliffhanger. (Well at least for me it's a major cliffhanger!)

So what was it all about?
A portal between world is open, putting Ginza, Tokyo, under attack by otherworldly monsters and medieval-look-a-like soldiers. Luckily the mystical forces have no chances against the Japan Ground-Self Defence Force(JSDF) weaponry and technology. Actions decided, dispatch ordered. JSDF sent out teams to the other side of the GATE. Wars ensued, not just between the world but also within both of the world.athime
I'm very in love with the First Lieutenant Itami! *grin* I really don't get him sometimes, he have his own weird-ness! Ha! As if anyone is normal in his world. I think I have too much of Junichi-san voice lately. Right after FSN:UBW, now Gansta. AND GATE. Fuh!


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