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Friday, August 28, 2015

I just grad.....

So I just went back to poli to take that paper with 'Diploma' written on it! It was exhausting! Mukah is a far reach from Labuan..... Even though it's like 500km from here, more or less. I didn't want to go at first, but my family insist to go. I already said that the drive is pretty long and there's nothing in Mukah to see. I even offer to go alone... You know.. cause pictures can be taken at another time and studio... 

The flight to Mukah are limited and expensive, and there isn't really a direct route to Mukah from Labuan. We have to come through Miri first.. But since my father is never wanting to board a plane, a bus it is..

So we depart 3 days earlier from Labuan. Leaving the chickens, cats, and fishes to our neighbor. We stop at Brunei a few hour and took a bus to Miri. We arrived at Pujut Corner, and my father was very startled to see the Boulevard town. Well, Miri have a lot of Chinese resident, it isn't really a big of deal to me. The next day we took an early bus to Mukah. That was 12 hour drive in total. My sister face is plastered with disappointment. She ask me where the buildings are. 

Hey, it's not my fault, I've already warn them! 

The next day after we arrived at Mukah, it is the convocation rehearsal. In my opinion, it didn't went so well. It don't feel like a rehearsal at all, the briefing are insufficient. I had to take the robe in the evening. And wait a few hour for another agenda. I suppose to take a medal that afternoon. It was okay, I guess... But I think they forgot to include my name in the screen. It was disheartening.

The actual day was very embarrassing. Graduate are in disorder. Some were even late, but not so much. Some forgot to bring their medals, but that because they didn't inform us as soon as possible after the previous event. That's why I said that the briefing were insufficient. The briefing was practically our guidebook read aloud. There's no such thing like informing our assembling time or what to bring. But of course one must always comes in early.

They announce it suddenly that morning(at 7.40) that the march in will start at 7.45, hey even I don't know that, because my guidebook tell me that we supposed to march in at 8.00. And what with the timing? If they wanted us to march 15 minutes earlier, they should've told us yesterday OR inform us earlier than 7.40!

So we march...... But the parents are still outside of the freaking hall! WTH!(Wow That Hilarious!) So we march back to the assembly point. After the parents are all in. We march in and took a seat.. and waited...... I sit in the front row—because of the medal—in front of us is the VIP seat. It was still early in the morning and not all of us had breakfast—because of the sudden change in timing—. At least they could pass a bottle of water or something. Even the parents are thirsty! Some are in need to use the toilets. But we sit like the obedient Children we are. So a person decide that no~~ She must go the the toilet!! That was after sat waiting for more or less than half an hour. She was stop on her way out because we were supposed to strip off the robe first... oookaay. 

More people went off to the toilet after that. Hey, no one was really there to watch over us—or at least ask is there's anything wrong—in the first 30 minutes after we march in. So we didn't know that maybe we should go to the toilet earlier! After we waited for another long minutes the VVIP finally walks in. The ceremony went pretty quick after that. I got to go to the stage twice! Trice if include the other day. We'll I think that makes my parents somewhat happy. The list are short for my semester, with only 4 graduate getting the awards and 2 from the next semester. Oh it's getting short! But that about to change.. I think. Because the place is being pick out by more students nowadays.

It wasn't exactly the worst Convocation in PMU history ever, but it wasn't really pleasant if remembered all the way. I know official ceremony protocol, and I have no problem to follow it. But the host—and their attitude—was just unpleasant. I don't like it. It was exhausting rather than pleasing. I don't think that the previous convo was this messy.. Sure the LCD projector was broken in the early morning, but that was fixed by the crew pretty fast. (and to think that I was the one who turn that projector off the night before... I'm pretty lucky to check the projector first thing in the morning! I'm only a camerawomen...)

My day was pack in those 2 days. We had dinner for the alumni, the night before the convocation. And it was... I don't even know... I don't think its even worth mentioning......


Like seriously, I went there to Mukah, sleep, wake up, attend rehearsal, rent the robe, take the medal, shop for my foster parents, dinner with the alumni, sleep, wake up, sit for 3+ hour, get an empty folder, sit for another 3+ hour, get another empty folder, took pictures, wait for the studio pictures, return the robe, get my DIPLOMA..... then I went to Igan to my foster family, an hour drive from town. The next day we went back to Miri to Brunei and then to Labuan. One of my chicken is gone. =(

Rants end-

Congrats me! I'm very proud to accept the Diploma in IT(Rangkaian), Pingat Ketua Jabatan & Anugerah Kecemerlangan Akademik & Kokurikulum JTMK!

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