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Monday, August 3, 2015

My Pet Fish

I used to have 3 tiny goldfish.... It died on my way back to home. Now I'm keeping 3 climbing perch(ikan karuk/puyu) alive in a tiny tank. One of them was blinded in the right eye, after it first brawl. Though, they weren't so aggressive now and able to live in the same tank somewhat peacefully, I wish my mother listen to me sometime about those fishes. Poor thing have too little to no space. *sad-face*

photo by thebrackishtank

I wish I remember the baby goldfishes names, I want to keep them still but there's hardly any goldfish in this town. I still remember their shades, they keeps me company once upon a time in an empty hostel building. *sniff* One had an almost white scale, one had strong gold and white belly, the last one had black spots. I always wanted to poke their fat bellies. TT x TT

I tried to keep guppies. Poor thing can't stand cold!!! *cries* The hostel was in the side of the woods so it gets really cold at night. I had no proper equipment to keep the bowl warm. *weep* It was a sad sad morning after. 

I get attached to animals more easily than to another human being, so dying animals is not something that I wanted to experience at all. I get extremely depressed after an animal suddenly found dead or dying because of a disease or injury. It stays in my head for sometime.

I've always wanted a black goldfish. I've seen one tank full of them in a barber shop! That was when I went touring a small town in Sarawak. And then I went to my foster home and found out there's fishes! Living fishes that aren't there before. And a black goldfish!

I'm going to visit the faraway town again, and hopefully I remember to buy goldfishes. *grin*


  1. blogwalking here.. first time, heard abt black goldfish. hopefully, one time u able to get ur dream fish :)

  2. blogwalking here.. first time, heard abt black goldfish. hopefully, one time u able to get ur dream fish :)

  3. you know what. i was drawn playing with your virtual pet fish. HAHA spend 15 minute giving them food.

    btw same goes with me. I get attached with animals easily. my cat just pass away last 3 days. :( cried my eyes off.

    1. It was a such popular widget before, I kind of miss it and decide to put it here. Hah!

      Oh, I'm sad for your loss. D= Cats are harder to let go. My kitten died recently and I spend months in social withdrawal and then loss some weight. Very unhealthy of me..