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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pencarian Bloglist Aisyhah Nyais Ogos 2015

Hello Aisyah! *wave* I'm your new follower! I've only scan through your blog and read very few entries, but I think your blog is great! Your writing is fine, I like to read them. I like how your blog layout is wide and look tidy. The simple and tiny icons amuse me, the color theme is very merry! 

Though, I personally don't like auto-played background music or videos, but that's irrelevant. Maybe a bit suggestion from me to show up the play/pause button. (This might be my laptop not showing the button though, no worries) *whisper* I notice that the banner aren't centered.* Overall it's an excellent depiction for a personal weblog! ^^ I actually like the themes you make.

I wish you well, and better blog traffic. *wink

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