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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rebound [jdorama]

I'm currently watching Rebound. It's a romantic comedy drama. I don't usually pick on romantic or watch a drama at all. But after my sister rant me on about how all of my movie selection is gore-ish—or at least it have a lot of fighting scene—I look up the comedies section and found this amusing cover. Bah!

I choose this drama because it's comedic. Heh! I thought the theme—about body weight—is really interesting. The characters is amusing, and the casting was okay. 

It's a social—romance—story. I don't expect much about her exercising but a lot of mushy stuff. Tell about a girl—Nobuko—who had a dream of marrying the son of a cake house owner. She broke up with his boyfriend because of her overweight, then manage to loose a lot of it after, and work in a fashion mags company! What a luck!

She ends up meeting her dream husband and the mushy, sappy stuff begin. Not my cup of tea really, but the story still keep my interest to the characters well being. HAH!

She struggle to to keep on being slim or she'll be fired and most of all... Taichi will know her great past! But she just have to eat the cakes! Did she rebound?

#Currently on: Episode 04

A/N: My older sisters are upset that I'm getting thinner.... because it doesn't suit me, they said.. I keep telling them that I'm not getting any thinner than how I used to be than a few years back ago... *Sigh. It's a good thing that now I can wear all those old shirt I haven't yet had the chance to before. Meh. 

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