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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I don't have that lovely/sweet/melodic voice but I like to sing & karaoke. I use to fill up my youtube channel with my horrid voice. Usually singing Japanese songs.

We don't have karaoke setup at home anymore, but we still sing without a functioning microphone. 'We' meant me and my sister. The big old-time speaker had turned into a home deco now. 

When I was still studying, my classmates used to brought me along to the k-box. I never felt sorry for them, even if I sound horrid to them, no matter.

Theres alot of karaoke places here in Labuan, but there's also pubs and clubs. I often don't know which is what. So I rather not go to any of them. That's why I only karaoke at home, in these four walls of my room. 

My neighbor might complain inwardly. Haha. But it's better now that I can't use the mic and the loud speaker. 

This is my reason for not updating solslum for some time now, other than preparing for the convocation. I've been singing on Sing! for days. Haha. It's a good place/way to scream your throat out.

If you ever wanted to listen to my voice come and see me:

Here is my favorite pick for karaoke-ing since forever. Haha. Beware Don't Put Your Volume Up Too Much!

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