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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I always had a monologue with myself everytime I plucked and chewed on the Ulam Raja, RAW. Now, that is not my favorite greens to chew on but... it grow in the front yard! My hand would slipped! And it's name is Raja, and I want to be KING!! 

Well, my favorite green would be Peria after Kangkung. My least favorite is Terung Pipit, and since it grow all over the back yard, I'm suppose to endure the taste without complaint! It was a taste of betrayal! One day, I was happily eating my meals. I thought it was a good thing that mom is treating me with green peas. I love green peas!! And then I ate it, everything went blank. I was trapped in dark dark misery. After that fateful encounter, I develop strong dislike to the tiny little green thing.

So, after writing the first 2 paragraph of this entry, I realize that my vocabulary on veggies is almost to non-existence. 

Okayh this is my veggie vocab....

ulam raja = KING!
peria = bitter-sweet-green-love
kangkung = khengkhong
terung pipit = !tiny! eggplant!
kacang hijau (I called it kacang peas)= green peas
terung = eggplant
lambiding = ?!
pucuk ubi = shoots..... potato??
tomato = tomato
cili = pepper? chili
ulam pegaga = ??
kubis = cabbages
timun = cucumber
sawi = bitter-veggie
kacang panjang = long bean
brokoli = broccoli 
serai = ???!!!
bayam = spinach!!! it's Popeye the sailor man
labu = pumpkin
halia = !
tebu = sugarcane

the correction

ulam raja = ulam raja @ KING's salad
peria = bitter gourd / bitter mellon
kangkung = water spinach
terung pipit = Devil's Fig/Pea Eggplant!
kacang hijau = green peas
terung = eggplant
lambiding (uhm.. a pakis)= FERN [?]
pucuk ubi = cassava shoots
tomato = tomato
cili = chili
ulam pegaga = pennywort salad 
kubis = cabbages
timun = cucumber
sawi = mustard greens
kacang panjang = yardlong bean
brokoli = broccoli 
serai = lemongrass 
bayam = spinach
labu = pumpkin
halia = ginger root
tebu = sugarcane

Score: 10/21. That's weren't so bad.... 


1 comment:

  1. HAHA this is so much fun. funny as well. i also called kacang panjang long bean. HAHA