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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Cats are hunters by nature. Even your scaredy house cat is a hunter. They often sleep lazily in the morning until in the mid afternoon but then wake up and bring forth destruction to the home decor until they fell back to sleep again.

We used to have 20 cats at one time. I have no clue how we feed that much of meoutwh . More of them was stray cats. We don't often lock them up, because I don't believe that cats should be lock up. I called it a cruel way to house a cat. Unless of course if we are leaving the town and have to house the cat at relatives home.

I used to believe that you shouldn't take a photograph of your cats, because it will die. That's why there is not really much of cats photo from long ago. Now though, the memory card is full with cats images.

Our house is having less and less of parasite like cockroach and rats. Because those preys are the main toys for our house cats. They are ruthless! They like to play with their prey, only few would try to eat them. Often I found dead things laying on the ground somewhere..

I used to play with the shy Millipede, but that insect could barely crawl in the house now, it will already turn onto a kick ball by these fluff monster.

Cats are worse than babies. But they're still fluffy and adorable. unfair.

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