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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Full House

I havent got time to update my blog yesterday. Not that I update solslum much these days anyway. My house is currently full at the moment. 

My sister cameback from N9 to rest after birthing her 3rd child. She insist to come home here to my mother, rather than making our mother travel to N9. My cousin will also be staying here tonight, they are bringing along the nephew and neices! Thats 5 kids in one time. Include me it will be 6!

We havent got this many kids at home for a while now. With the exception of the kitties, even though kitties can destroy the place like no kids can.

I also starting to be active again in my deviantart. But that a slow process. I have been wanting to write my reviews on one of my favorite book. Eon. But I think I need to read that again before writing the full review. 2nd read will be awesome because the book is worth it! The problem is I dont know when I'm gonna start reading. I havent been reading books for weeks now, probably months.

This probably means that I'm out of my depressive mind, and I'm liking it. But I cant help to miss reading. I feel like I dont have enough time to live this life, because theres so many things that I wanna do. I just hope this doesnt end so quickly.

Thanks for reading.

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