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Friday, September 4, 2015


Few weeks ago, I've tried a lot of country code top level domains like, .bg, .fr, .sy including our country code domain .my. I am very sure that .my does exist! I just forgotten to write about it. So now I'm writing.

I've realize that now, .com is replace to our ccTLD .my automatically when loading. That is new. Though it's only happen to .com and not other ccTLD. Like if I use, I will be accessing my blog through UK domain instead.

Now, all Malaysian blogger, that still use .blogspot sub-domain can introduce their blogs as!

I use to—and probably still—prefer to use search engine rather that, but that because I often search something that need to be search internationally. You might not realize it, but sometimes the search result is different from each other. Even though its the same search engine.

I strongly disapprove with the "Google's New Logo". I don't like it. I was very startled to even see the icon  . It don't feel like Google at all. I don't like the block lettering and serif is practically Google's image but now it's not anymore. I want serif back in the image!

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